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CoverIncreasing achievement and motivation in mathematics and science learning in schools.
Luxembourgo: OPOCE, 2022. Eurydice Report

In our fast-changing and technology-driven societies, education in mathematics and science is crucial for ensuring that children and young people have the necessary skills, knowledge and mind-set to be responsible and active citizens. Despite the emphasis on numeracy and scientific literacy in the European Education Area, the share of pupils not reaching basic achievement levels remains considerably above the agreed maximum of 15%.

This report investigates what education authorities across Europe do to strengthen student motivation, raise achievement and help those that are falling behind in mathematics and science. It brings together qualitative Eurydice data on national policies and legislation in 39 European education systems, and quantitative data from several student assessment surveys. The results highlight the importance of allocating sufficient instruction time, providing timely learning support, ensuring specialised teacher training and monitoring student achievement systematically. Ample examples are provided on how the mathematics and science curricula can foster reflection and relate to students’ lives. [+]

Tribunal de Cuentas Europeo. Informe Especial 16/2022. Datos en la política agrícola común. El potencial desaprovechado que ofrecen los macrodatos para las evaluaciones de la política (DOUE C 246/04, 29.6.2022)

Para aplicar un enfoque empírico a las decisiones estratégicas es necesario contar con una serie de datos procedentes de distintas fuentes y analizarlos posteriormente. Hemos evaluado si la Comisión está haciendo buen uso de los datos y la analítica de datos para la elaboración de políticas y el seguimiento y evaluación de la Política Agrícola Común (PAC), que representa más de un tercio del presupuesto de la UE. Hemos constatado que la Comisión ha puesto en marcha diversas iniciativas para hacer un mejor uso de los datos existentes. Sin embargo, persisten algunos obstáculos para aprovechar al máximo los datos recogidos, tales como la falta de normalización y las limitaciones debido a la agregación de los datos, los cuales reducen la disponibilidad y la utilidad de estos. Formulamos una serie de recomendaciones, entre las que figura la mejora del uso de datos desglosados de los Estados miembros.

CoverSocial experimentation. A practical guide for project promoters
Luxembourg: OPOCE, 2022

This practical methodological guide aims to support practitioners, primarily future EaSI project promoters preparing a social experimentation proposal in the 2021-2027 programming period. However, it can also be useful for other stakeholders, notably those responding to ESF+ national and regional calls on social innovation under shared management. In addition, this guide can raise awareness of policymakers and funding organisations at all levels (EU, national, regional and local), in particular ESF+ Managing Authorities, about the value of social experimentation. They can use the results of already successfully tested social experimentations or design and launch new specific calls to test innovative solutions addressing their policy needs, which may help avoid some failures and associated costs. This should improve the design of policies, programmes, calls and funding mechanisms to support social innovations and social experimentations. [+]

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