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Guía sobre las oportunidades de apoyo a la agricultura ecológica en Europa

Viernes, 20 Febrero 2015 10:36

CoverOrganic farming: A guide on support opportunities for organic producers in Europe
Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2014

This publication is an informative document intended for organic farmers, processors and retailers. It aims at presenting support measures under the common agricultural policy (CAP) and within the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) in favour of organic producers and gives an overview and useful references on the rules applicable to organic production, processing and trade, including the rules applying to conversion. In the light of the growing demand for organic products and taking into account the important recent changes in the CAP, the European Commission within the framework of the 2014’s Action Plan for the future of the Organic Production in the European Union is seeking to increase awareness among farmers and rural actors on the available measures in favour of organic farming in relevant instruments foreseen in the new Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy. This publication falls within Action 1 of the Action Plan. [+]

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