CoverSustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Smaller Cities and Towns: Topic guide
European Platform on Sustainability Urban Mobility Plans, 2021

Sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) is a strategic and integrated approach to dealing with the complexity of urban transport. Across Europe, local authorities and their private operating partners are striving to create sustainable solutions for passenger transport and freight that foster accessible, safe and affordable mobility, while aligning with European Green Deal emissions reduction objectives.

As part of the SUMPs-Up project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020, Rupprecht Consult has compiled a Topic Guide, “Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Smaller Cities and Towns”. This guide applies the SUMP Guidelines to the planning realities of smaller cities and towns. It aims to support cities with a population of less than 100,000 that are much less likely to develop Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans than their larger counterparts and are also underrepresented in good practice databases and the community of experts. This indicates that they face specific challenges and need a dedicated guidance document for this target group. [pdf]

CoverCities in the World - A New Perspective on Urbanisation
OCDE Urban Studies, 2020

Cities are not only home to around half of the global population but also major centers of economic activity and innovation. Yet, so far there has been no consensus of what a city really is. Substantial differences in the way cities, metropolitan, urban, and rural areas are defined across countries hinder robust international comparisons and an accurate monitoring of SDGs. The report Cities in the World: A New Perspective on Urbanisation addresses this void and provides new insights on urbanisation by applying for the first time two new definitions of human settlements to the entire globe: the Degree of Urbanisation and the Functional Urban Area. Based on the definitions, the report presents new evidence of recent and future urbanisation trends and sheds light on the evolution of metropolitan areas around the globe. It examines whether and why quality of life differs between cities and other types of settlements. It analyses the relationship between economic development and the metropolitan system in countries around the world. Finally, it presents new evidence on the changing shape of cities and its impact on sustainability. The report demonstrates how globally consistent definitions of cities and metropolitan areas can contribute to more effective policy design. [+]

El premio Ciudad Accesible de 2019 recae en la ciudad de Breda, en los Países Bajos, por realizar continuas mejoras para facilitar la vida de las personas con discapacidad. La ceremonia de entrega del premio Ciudad Accesible ha tenido lugar esta mañana en Bruselas. Breda es una fuente de inspiración para las ciudades europeas y, en general, para cualquier ciudad que afronte retos similares. A fin de celebrar el Año Europeo del Patrimonio Cultural, se han otorgado también premios a ciudades que han realizado esfuerzos excepcionales para hacer accesible su patrimonio cultural. La Comisión Europea ha recibido cincuenta y dos candidaturas para el premio Ciudad Accesible de 2019. La ciudad de Évreux, en Francia, y la ciudad de Gdynia, en Polonia, han quedado en segundo y tercer lugar. El jurado ha alabado a Évreux por su especial atención a las discapacidades invisibles, y a Gdynia por sus iniciativas para incluir a las personas con discapacidad intelectual. Por último, Kaposvár, en Hungría, y Vigo, en España, han recibido una mención especial, que reconoce las continuas mejoras de Kaposvár y la arquitectura innovadora de Vigo en una difícil topografía. (RAPID, IP/18/6630, 4.12.2018)

LogoA new dedicated interactive website for the Urban Agenda for the EU is launched! The website enables stakeholders to be informed on the Urban Agenda and it's Partnerships and to actively contribute and participate in discussions. You are invited to join this community so you can contribute and make your voice heard! Please register so you will be receiving a monthly newsletter and notifications related to your own interest. Follow us on @EUUrbanAgenda. [+]

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