CoverEconomy-wide material flow accounts handbook

Economy-wide material flow accounts (EW-MFA) are a statistical accounting framework describing the physical interaction of the economy with the natural environment and with the rest of the world economy in terms of flows of materials. EW-MFA is one of the modules included in Regulation (EU) No. 691/2011 on European environmental economic accounts.

This handbook presents the theoretical and conceptual foundations of EW-MFA and provides compilation guidelines as well as possible applications. It primarily addresses compilers of EW-MFA but also the users who are interested in understanding more of the underpinning statistical methodology. [+]

CoverEconomy-wide material flows: European countries required more materials between 2000 and 2007
Statistics in focus. Environment and energy 9/2011
The national accounts provide detailed information about monetary flows through economies – but only economy-wide material flow accounts (EW-MFA) can provide information about the physical flows of materials. Using EW-MFA data, a better understanding of the physical materials needed in economies can be obtained. Typically we observe that as economies grow, more materials such as energy, construction materials, and metals are needed, but hopefully the rate of increase is less than that of GDP, a phenomena known as decoupling. This Statistics in focus marks the first publication of EW-MFA by Eurostat. [+]

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