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Medición de la oferta regional de servicios bancarios en el contexto de la digitalización

Jueves, 20 Diciembre 2018 10:05

CoverMeasurement of regional supply of banking services against the background of digitization

The publication deals with the evaluation of the regional supply of financial services. Digitisation and the associated reduction of branches are taken into account. The previous measurement approach (branches per square kilometre or per inhabitant) will be critically examined and an extended measurement approach will be presented. This approach addresses demographic, topographical, settlement structural and infrastructural (Internet) aspects. It has been used by Conrad et al. (2018) for public savings banks and cooperative banks in Germany at a small-scale level. A comparison of the supply level within Germany was carried out. But a comparison with the results for different countries could not be made. This paper therefore discusses how the new approach can be applied to other countries of the European Union. It will be shown that the transmission is only partially successful because important data is missing. The data set problems are discussed in this paper and finally the results of the measurement and comparison of the supply situation of six European countries - based on the available data - are presented. [+]

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