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Posibilidad de reconocer el COVID-19 como de origen profesional a nivel nacional en los países de la UE y EFTA. Edición 2022

Martes, 20 Diciembre 2022 08:12

CoverPossibility of recognising COVID-19 as being of occupational origin at national level in EU and EFTA countries - 2022 edition

The health crisis of 2020 has highlighted the occupational risk associated with COVID-19, which consequently has had repercussions on insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases. In this context, Eurostat launched in November 2020 a survey on the possibility of recognising the occupational nature of COVID-19 in Europe and continue to receive updated information on the subject. The geographical coverage is the 27 Member States, Norway and Switzerland.

The survey shows that in all countries, the occupational risk of COVID-19 is considered. However, there are some differences in the practical modalities of recognising this risk. These differences relate, among other things, to the way in which the file will be investigated (i.e. as an accident at work and/or an occupational disease) and to the sectors and occupations concerned by this possible recognition (limited to the health sector or extended to wider range of sectors). This updated statistical report presents the national legal practices and reflects the situation of October 2022.

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