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Informe de evaluación Tu Primer Trabajo Eures

Miércoles, 24 Septiembre 2014 08:53

The European Commission has published today a report evaluating Your first EURES job, a mobility scheme to help young Europeans between 18 and 30 to find a job, traineeship or apprenticeship in other EU countries implemented by the Commission between 2011 and 2013.

The aim of the evaluation (read the executive summary) was to take stock of the results achieved over the first two years of the scheme and of the main challenges to be addressed in the future. 

The study has put Your first EURES job into perspective on the basis of the following evaluation criteria:

▪ Relevance: it responds to the labour market needs by focusing on youth unemployment, skills mismatches and mobility obstacles.
▪ Complementarity: it complements the EURES network, other EU mobility schemes as well as other national cross border schemes and initiatives.
▪ Added value: it adds value to youth labour mobility, given its package of recruitment, matching and placement activities combined with financial support incentives.
▪ Organisation and governance: it can better perform if driven by experienced organisations over longer periods of time, with enhanced quality standards and risk containment procedures.
▪ Effectiveness: it can better deliver with sound partnership networks and longer project implementation periods.
▪ Efficiency: it operates more efficiently over time; not being part of theEURES network means significantly higher start-up costs, but there may also be significant hidden costs, particularly in public organisations.
(W3 Empleo, Asuntos Sociales e Inclusión, 24.9.2014)

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